Who Am I


I am a single mother, daughter, and attorney living in Bertie County, a small town in Eastern North Carolina. Growing up I moved back and forth between the Bronx and Bertie County,  so my personality is a little bit city and a little bit country (although I prefer the term southern).

My girls

After being back in Bertie County for more than 15 years, I have finally embraced all things southern!  Just thinking about that makes me laugh because when I left Bertie, as a young adult, I vowed to never return.   Now, here I am, sitting in my southern home, feeling extremely thankful.

Me and My Teenager

My  mother, who absolutely would rather be nowhere else besides New York City, convinced me to return.   She was adamant that the area needed more attorney’s who were dedicated to the people in  the community.

Me and My Mom!

As a single mother I also could not ignore the fact that my “village” was in Bertie County and I needed them if I was going to have any shot at raising halfway sane little girls while trying to develop my career as a litigator.  So, after graduating from Georgia State University College of Law I threw everything I owned, including my two little girls, in a U-haul,  and moved back “down south”, as my northern cousins said.


Over the past sixteen years I have evolved into the complicated human being that I am today.  Fortunately, I am pretty excited about who I am!  One more little girl has been added to my pack, and, we are all on a constant journey of love, peace, understanding, and joy as we navigate through this great blessing called “life”.  This blog is my opportunity to share that journey with you!  I hope you enjoy!


12 thoughts on “Who Am I

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  1. Your blogs are always so refreshing, uplifting, and liberating! i appreciate your transparency and your willingness to share your journey with others. I’ll be waiting and watching for your next one!

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  2. My husband actually grew up with your mom through the 8th grade then moved to NY with his parents. He too vowed never to come back to live in Windsor yet here we are – retired for the last 2 years. Being a native NY’er I’ll never be a southern girl but I am beginning to appreciate the south & my new home. Congrats on your blog.

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  3. Being a “Dan Yankee” myself, I love it down here and it allows me to feel like I’m part of the community, versus being one of many as I would of been had I retired up north.


  4. Welcome back to Bertie County, you are an amazing lawyer, mom, daughter and overall woman. We grew up together in the same town and attended the same school. I am new to your blog and look forward to you sharing. Your mother is a true sweetheart.

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