My Garden

My Garden Prep Gear

In November I adopted a Plant Based Eating Style (I hate the word diet).  This was absolutely the best decision I have made in a while.  Struggling with weight, blood pressure, heart burn and general health concerns I knew I needed to make a change.  After watching numerous documentaries on Plant Based Eating and reading Rich Roll’s story, I was convinced this was for me.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I struggled with the idea of giving up my fried pork chop and barbecue ribs.  And, it didn’t help that when I announced this decision my girls just wanted to be sure I completely understood that they were carnivores through and through, and, they were not planning to embrace this whole Plant Based Lifestyle.

7 months later I am so proud to say I am still hanging in there!  Unfortunately all of that stuff I read about losing your desire for meat over time is completely false!  When I am cooking for the girls it takes a lot of discipline not to grab a piece of meat and hide in the corner.  Because, while my girls have declared their carnivorous lifestyle, they have become the meat police when it comes to me!   So, I take a deep breath, and continue preparing my black beans and brown rice as I fry their pork chop.

My biggest complaint is this is an extremely expensive and time consuming endeavor.

I am not a big fan of grocery shopping.  Pre-Plant Based Lifestyle I was only forced to enter a grocery store twice on a good month.  Much to my chagrin, Post-Plant Based Lifestyle,  I find myself having to face the grocery aisles on a weekly basis.

home of my future garden

So, part of my transition in my new home includes me having a fall garden that is full of healthy vegetables! It doesn’t matter that I know absolutely nothing about gardening 🙂

my garden area is coming together

Join me in my journey, send me your gardening tips and thoughts on what I should plant, and wish me luck!!!  Look for updates on my progress over the next couple of months!

Peace and Love!


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