I Am Enough

Every day as I get ready for work I see the words “I am enough”. I had this phrase inscribed on my body almost two years ago, during my period of transition.  At the time that I decided to make this phrase a permanent part of my life I really didn’t believe that I was “enough”. Quite honestly, I was broken and wondering how different my life would have been if I believed that I was enough early on.  I was certain that my insecurity had influenced many of my decisions over the years. So, I decided to place the phrase upon my body as an affirmation, a mindset that I was striving toward. Over time, just like anything else one gets used to, I stopped paying attention to the phrase.


Getting ready for work about two weeks ago, a light bulb suddenly went off for me. I stopped as I was looking in the mirror and stared at the phrase near my collarbone, “I am enough”, and, this overwhelming sense of happiness and peace come over me. It was at that moment I realized that my mindset had shifted from striving toward being “enough”, to actually believing that I was “enough”.


Coming to this inner peace has been very liberating for me. I no longer worry about fitting into the mold that society has created for Tonza. I realize that societal guidelines about how we should act and feel are thrust upon us without any consideration for our individuality. Which means too often we are judged by others when we fail at acting as they think we should.


Realizing that “I am enough” means that I am accepting my uniqueness and being honest about who I am, instead of constantly trying to fit into the societal mold of who I should be.  Being freed from this goal of societal standards of “perfection” has allowed me to embrace me and all of my quirks, and live a much fuller life. So, I now spend many more days living in a way that is rich and rewarding for me.


As I focus on being the person that I want to be, I find that I have very little time, or desire, to concern myself with how others are living. Which means, I am no longer a part of the cycle that imposes societal molds on others. I am open to others and the choices that they make and not quick to judge or be the “negative Nancy” in the crowd. And, I am not angered by those that do not necessarily embrace my life choices. Because being enough is not about forcing others to respect, or accept, where you are in life, it is about remaining true to yourself, despite what others think.


As a mommy, I hope that my transition assists me with reinforcing peace and self-love within my daughter’s as they deal with a society that is going to work hard to force them in a mold. I hope that my transition helps me to support daughters as they look in the mirror, smile, and know that they are truly enough, despite anything that life throws their way.

I am enough! And, so are you! Much love.


17 thoughts on “I Am Enough

  1. Beautifully written, T! You have always been enough. Do you, Be you, & continue to believe that everyone else’s opinions are just that, their opinions. U know me, I always have one but mine & no one else’s should dictate your life. You Define your own happiness. I’m so glad to see you in a good & happy place. Much love always ❤️

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  2. Because I have literally been doing the same thing! I say that to myself at least once a day. One day I decided that I was enough and I tell myself that whenever it seems as though I may be forgetting. Awesome post!

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    1. Thanks girl! In addition to reminding ourselves that we are enough, I think we (women) can do a better job of uplifting one another. So, girl, do your “thang” and embrace all of the positives that you bring to the table!!!


  3. I think one of the most difficult lessons for a woman is learning this. Whether its society or a relationship or family issues women get bombarded with the negative mindset.

    Thank you for writing about this so eloquently. It has been my privilege to travel with you on this journey. You have certainly helped me to reach that milestone in my life. I am enough and its a great place to be!

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  4. Well, let me give you a man’s perspective on where your mindset was before verses now. In my opinion is a shame that someone you obviously cared for manipulated you to the point that you started second guessing yourself and your self worth. There is no doubt in my mind that you were just as intelligent an individual then as you are now. But that person apparently knew what they had and how they were controlling you. Luckily you saw the light and removed yourself from that situation. Look at you now. You certainly learned from that experience and there is no doubt in my mind, being the strong women that you are, you will never step into those shoes again. You have learned from this and are setting a wonderful example for your children. My hat goes off to you for turning into the independent, wonderful example of a woman and mother that you are. But then again look who you have as a roll model your Mom.

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  5. I like these words. Because it’s so true that society tries to force us to live up to their expectations of us while not allowing us to embrace our own. Then when you decide to break out and follow your heart or your own path to what you believe is your life fulfillment people criticize and judge. Not ever getting to know the person you are. Insulate and isolate !!!

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