Bad Moms Unite! – Why does school start at 8am?

IMG_8137Can someone please tell me who came up with the bright idea of kids being in school at 8am? Actually, I really don’t need that information. I need to know how I can change the time from 8am to 9-9:30am, maybe even 10am. Why? Because I have a little girl that drives me “bat$h*t crazy” during the school year, every year, because she does not want to wake up in the morning! And, no matter how hard I try, I do not see any signs of hope that she is transitioning into the morning person that needs to exist in order to get to school on time every day.

Naively, when she began going to school, I thought my morning cheerfulness, and her love of school, would turn her into this morning fairy who would voluntarily rise, properly groom herself, insert herself into her school uniform,  and appear before me, ready to take on her academic day. NOT!

I am sitting on her bed begging her to get up!

First of all, I have been forced to accept that, while my daughter understands the importance of an education, she is not that child that LOVES school. After a couple of years of guilt tripping myself as I hung around parents that bragged about their kids loving school and gliding out of bed in the morning to get ready, I finally accepted that I;

  1. needed to stop hanging around those folks with “perfect kids”, and
  2. just accept that everything is not my fault because I am really not as important as I think I am. (Okay, I may not really believe that completely. BUT… it helps me to cope a little better :-))

Having accepted my child’s position on school, I still cringe just before each new school year.  The time when strangers, for some reason, love to ask kids, “are you excited about going back to school?” My blank stare into the wild, blue, yonder, while my daughter emphatically tells the stranger “NO!” has earned me a lifetime membership in the “Bad Mom’s Club”. To make matters worse, I have finally become okay with that answer and no longer jump to make excuses for her clear answer, “NO”. Bad Mom’s Unite!(I need at least one person to join me, it would make me feel so much better).

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some days where she shocks me by getting ready without a fight. But those days are few and far between. So, I wake up every morning ,during the school year, trying to come up with new ways to get her up and going, without a lot of stomping, moaning, screaming, and just down right refusal to remove herself from the bed.

I know, I know. There are a group of parent’s that are sitting back judging me and talking about how I have no control and all it would take is me dragging her out of the bed and spanking her one good time and my worries would be over. NOT! While I struggle with the idea of “spanking” children, I must admit that sheer desperation has pushed me to that point a time or two…or three! But honestly, I could probably spank this girl every day and it would not make a difference. So, I have given up on that notion.

I have also given up on the notion of making her bedtime earlier. Her bedtime is at 8:30pm. One, because I need a break at that point! But, also because I want her to be well rested when she does eventually make it to school. I have threatened to make her go to bed 30 minutes earlier each time she gives me hell in the morning, hoping that the threat of her losing her “free time” would make her snap into compliance. NOT! At this point, quite honestly, if I stuck to that rule, I would have to sign her out of school around 1:30pm just to get her in bed in time.

I have resorted to bribing, threatening, crying, singing, dancing, tickling, etc. All with the hopes that I would find the magic potion to make school days more bearable for me. Yes, for me! Unfortunately, my fourth grader has given me no hope that I have actually figured out the solution. So, we still continue to be the ones you will see running from the house, as I scream “we have got to leave now!”, as I realize I haven’t combed her hair, only to run back in the house, throw her ponytail together while I guilt trip her a little more, run to the car, and fly down the road with the hopes that there is no tractor or slow driver in my way as I strive for an 8am arrival! Bad Mom’s Unite! (Anyone???)

Me and Gabby
I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world!!!

Again, someone please tell me how to get the school start time changed and I will gladly lead that revolution!



6 thoughts on “Bad Moms Unite! – Why does school start at 8am?

  1. 🤣🤣🤣
    No help here dear! While I haven’t had to go through all of that, mine are not happy morning fairies either. But they get up grudgingly, kind of like I do most mornings. Lol. Good luck w/the time change 😂

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  2. Ok. So my child is DEFINITELY not a morning person. Lol he takes after his mom on that one. When he was younger my struggle was waking him up. Once hes up he’s good. Thankfully now he gets himself up. So maybe your young lady will grow out of this… I’ll be praying for you on that!

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