“The Big Panty Crew” Bucket List

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I love a good Bucket List! So, I reached out to my family and friends and asked them if they would be willing to share their Bucket List with everyone. Of course, my “Big Panty Crew” was game. So, here we go:



Assata wants to:

  • zip line
  • Travel to Tahiti
  • Travel to Great Britain
  • Cruise the Mediterranean

Christie wants to:

  • Learn to Speak Spanish
  • Travel to Ireland
  • Write a Book
  • Learn how to make homemade biscuits
  • Visit a new city 3 times a year


Denise wants to:

  • Travel to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe
  • Visit the Blue Grotto in Italy
  • Go on a family trip to Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Texas

Joan wants to:

  • Visit Neverland Valley Ranch
  • Live in New York City for at least two years
  • Go to Grand Canyon
  • Spend two weeks in Denver
  • Write and Publish a Book

Nicole wants to:

  • zip line in the Rain Forest
  • do a ATV tour of Pyramids of Egypt
  • Take a helicopter ride across the Grand Canyon
  • Visit San Francisco, California

Vershenia wants to:

  • Travel to Hawaii
  • Travel to Paris
  • Complete a significant hike on the Pacific Coast Trail
  • See the Northern Lights


Now that you have read “The Big Panty Crew” Bucket List, tell us what’s on yours!!!!


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