Enter for a Chance to Win Cleo Wade’s Book, Heart Talk

I have so enjoyed Cleo Wade’s Book, Heart Talk, Poetic Wisdom For A Better Life. It is filled with practical wisdom that everyone could benefit from.  So inspired, I decided that I wanted to share this book with others. So, I bought 6 more copies:  one for each of my  oldest daughters, three for some friends, and one for a lucky SouthernMomJD reader!

heart talk book pic


All you have to do is tell me which SouthernMomJD blog post(s) inspired you, made you have an “aha” moment, or made you laugh, and, why. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy explanation! Just heartfelt!

Once you submit your response, your name will be entered into a drawing that will take place on April 27, 2018.  All submissions must be received by April 24, 2018.

Feel free to submit your entries in the comments section below, or, email me at tdruffin71@gmail.com.

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southern woman, southern mom, and southern lawyer!

4 thoughts on “Enter for a Chance to Win Cleo Wade’s Book, Heart Talk

  1. Good day Councilor…… I can’t talk about JUST one of your writings…. I am INSPIRED by who you are and What you represent as a Human being with the ability to put your thoughts into words for all to read…… My two cents

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  2. while I read your blogs and I love them all I guess my favorite one is the article in the Bertie Ledger when you talked about how you could not wait to get out of Bertie County. However your mom began to speak with you about coming back to Bertie County to live and that there was a need.( It is) However the part about that article that I really loved was it takes a village to raise your kids. It was so refreshing to hear because I also believe that it takes a village. It doesn’t matter if I win the book or not I just enjoy your blogs and your newspaper articles because you always speak from your heart not your head.

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