Motion to Continue

This case needed to be continued and I knew it. My client was charged with First Degree Murder, not Driving While License Revoked. Despite my pleas with the prosecutor to allow me additional time to prepare for trial, she was determined to go forward. I suspected that this stance had something to do with the upcoming election since my case had not been on their radar for some time, and, there were a number of murder cases that were much older than mine. It seemed they decided this would be an easy conviction to attain. A first-degree murder conviction meant free press prior to the election. I disagreed with the notion that my client should be the poster child for the District Attorney’s attempts to appear “tough on crime”.  Realizing that I was coming up against a brick wall, I knew my only hope of having this case continued was to convince a Superior Court Judge that I needed additional time.


To the outside world a person’s request for additional time may seem reasonable. In the world of litigation, it is a strike against a defense attorney when he/she has to acknowledge that he/she simply cannot be ready to try a case. Needless to say, I have accumulated many strikes over the past eighteen years. My location, and my commitment, to representing indigent clients means that I do not have the luxury of receiving a $50,000.00+ retainer that would permit me to dedicate all of my attention to that client’s defense. I often dream about what it would be like to have client’s that have never ending access to money so that I could spend a year only having to worry about three to four, maybe six, clients at the most. Instead, in my world I am called upon to be a master juggler. My life is about extreme organization, taking a lot of work home, waking up in the middle of the night panicking because I can’t remember if I filed something that I needed to file, and waking up before anyone in my house gets up so that I can work in peace. My life is also about subjecting myself to a lot of humiliation at the hands of prosecutors and Judges, despite my best efforts, in order to ensure that my clients receive the defense they deserve. All because I, some would say naively, believe that everyone is entitled to a good defense attorney. Or, at the very least, an attorney that is prepared.

As part of my plea for additional time to prepare, amongst other things, I talked about the hectic court schedule that I had been maintaining over the past several months. Not to mention the attempted murder trial that I was already scheduled to try in May. And, the other murder trial that I was scheduled to try in July. Oh, and, the numerous other cases that I would be handling between now and July. Would it be too much of me to throw in the fact that, while I am committed to my clients, I would like to spend some quality time with my nine-year-old daughter?

As expected, the prosecutor simply responded that she too had a hectic schedule. And, that is what one sign’s up for when one decides to be a trial lawyer. Having learned to pick my battles, I simply chuckled and thought, if I had a victim witness advocate to organize and prepare everything I needed prepared, other lawyers in my office to help me prepare, or, a team of law enforcement officers at my beck and call, I too might be arrogant enough to believe that crap coming out of her mouth.


With my ego bruised by the prosecutor’s snub at my plea for a little compassion, I became determined to show her that she was not the only gladiator in the ring. As a result, prior to begging the Judge to continue the case, I spent a couple of weeks devouring the discovery and pulling things together for trial. If she wanted a trial, then we would have a trial. Fortunately, I was able to quickly check my ego at the door. The more I prepared, the more I realized the State had not provided me with a number of documents that I was entitled to in discovery. And, despite everything else that I argued, it is my belief that my ability to point those things out is what ultimately led to the case being continued. Of course, I consider this a victory. But, I still question why I had to jump through all of those hoops simply to give my client the benefit of having an attorney that was prepared to try his case.

Much love,


P.S. I know I promised the next few posts would tell you more about who I am as a person. I promise, I still plan to share. 🙂 Stay Tuned! And, thank you all for your continued support!



16 thoughts on “Motion to Continue

  1. As a resident of Bertie County I am most gracious for having such an attorney as you fighting for the under privilege. I understand your struggle. Being a community leader myself my life is stretch thin. By the grace of God somehow things get done. Be encouraged my sister keep fighting . You are making a difference one case one client at a time. Thank you for giving of yourself so unselfishly. 😊

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  2. This testimony is about “who you are” and so much more. God called the bluff and ultimately you prevailed.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Thank you💕 for being the Perfect Supportive and Caring Defense Attorney for People of Need.💚 You make a Big Difference in lives with such sensitive issues. Be Blessed Always and Keep UP the Great Service in our Communities!😇🙏🏽 Do Well My Sista.💕❤

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    1. So, what is your recommendation for all of those lawyers that have never blogged but have similar stories? Are you trying to suggest that if we commit to litigation that we are expected to give up any, and all, outside interest that we have?

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      1. It seems like you’re more committed to your own self promotion and acting like everyone is against you rather than hold yourself accountable and do your job. You may have other interests, but don’t use those as an excuse for why you can’t get your job done. Plenty of others are able to do it, so don’t act like it’s an epidemic and you weren’t given enough time. ✌🏽


      2. Thank you for your response. Since I did not create the term “trial by ambush”, or, draft the discovery statutes designed to ensure full disclosure, I am comfortable saying that the issues I discussed in this post are not limited to me.

        Please be sure to read my most recent post, Consider the Source.


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