A Call to Action – support KIPP ENC libraries

I need your help! In honor of Black History Month I need for you to purchase a copy of my book PIECES OF ME! $2.50 from your purchase will be donated to KIPP ENC libraries.

KIPP ENC is dedicated to a quality education for ALL children, regardless of zip code or socioeconomic class. As a result of the KIPP ENC commitment to equal education, the graduates have been able to proudly boast 100% college acceptance over the past several years! Donations such as yours help to provide the materials and tools needed for continued success. 

As a proud mom and auntie of KIPP ENC graduates, I speak from experience. My daughter, Ally, from the Pride of 2017, is a sophomore at UNC Chapel Hill. My nephew, Caleb, from the Pride of 2015, will be graduating from Cornell University in May.

Please support me in this endeavor. Go to www.southernmomjd.com/shop and purchase a copy of PIECES OF ME TODAY!

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