I am a Feminist (but, I like a man who is chivalrous)

In this quest for equality as women have we led men to believe that we no longer desire a chivalrous man at our side? If so, men please accept my apology for the role that I have played in the confusion.  Sure, I want equal pay and equal access to opportunities. I want to be... Continue Reading →


Save the Confederate Statutes

Keep your “ass” home is the text I received from my mother when I told her I was headed to a save the confederate statute “rally” in Beaufort, North Carolina. My boyfriend, knowing I was determined to go, simply said “be safe” as I headed out the door. All of the confederate statute media coverage ... Continue Reading →

Alpha Omega – On Father’s Day

My parent’s divorced when I was 10. Following their divorce my brother and I lived with our mother. My mother never got over the pain inflicted upon her at my father’s hands and my father never figured out how to be a daddy to his children once he and my mom went their separate ways.... Continue Reading →

Too Quick to Pull the Trigger (Food for Thought)

I woke up this morning and was glancing at the news headlines. As I was reading, I came across an article about David Bonderman, Uber Technologies Inc. director, resigning from the company’s board of directors.  According to the reports, during a staff meeting, Arianna Huffington, who also sits on the Uber board of directors, commented,... Continue Reading →

To Lipstick, or, Not

They are all tucked away in my makeup bag.  I had so much fun with them over the past several months.  In fact, the compliments I received made me more obsessed with finding different shades every time I entered a store.  My bright red lips had become a bold statement about my new found freedom.... Continue Reading →

He’s A Keeper

Unable to stay awake a second longer, I hobbled into my bedroom, crawled under the cover, and drifted into a world that did not include my demanding children. Prior to this weekend, I was able to closely monitor my boyfriend’s interactions with my children. No, not because my boyfriend is creepy and needs to be... Continue Reading →

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