I am excited to announce that I am 1 of 11 authors in a new book, DIVORCED...NOT DEVASTATED. This book is a compilation of unique stories by women who emerged triumphant after divorce. While the stories in this compilation center around our divorce journeys, DIVORCED...NOT DEVASTATED would be a wonderful read for anyone that has... Continue Reading →


Consider the Source – Why wouldn’t you want police accountability?

So, when someone is breaking into your home, raping your daughter or there is an active shooter (killer) and the police show up to stop the threat, the focus will be on the police and what they did to stop that threat. Upon reading this I could not help but think back to the Reconstruction... Continue Reading →

My Journey Along the Way

As promised, here are three things about me that many of you never knew: 1. I wanted to be a Women’s Studies professor. Years ago, when I had only 1 daughter, I thought my life was heading in a different direction. I envisioned a life where we lived in a quiet college/university community, and, I... Continue Reading →

Motion to Continue

This case needed to be continued and I knew it. My client was charged with First Degree Murder, not Driving While License Revoked. Despite my pleas with the prosecutor to allow me additional time to prepare for trial, she was determined to go forward. I suspected that this stance had something to do with the... Continue Reading →

Women/Young Ladies that Inspire Me

Hi everyone!! I really have missed blogging over the past couple of weeks.  Court demands, and, other projects have been consuming so much of  my time. Anyway, I have decided to dedicate my next couple of blog posts to sharing more information about me, Tonza D. Ruffin :-). To kick this project off, here are three... Continue Reading →

The Shift

I found myself in a constant state of anger, always ready for war. Taking the easy way out, I blamed my raging hormones and accepted that this was something I had to endure and manage through medication, meditation, and mindfulness. Unable to shake the feeling of defeat at the thought of taking medication, I immersed... Continue Reading →

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