Alpha Omega – On Father’s Day

My parent’s divorced when I was 10. Following their divorce my brother and I lived with our mother. My mother never got over the pain inflicted upon her at my father’s hands and my father never figured out how to be a daddy to his children once he and my mom went their separate ways.... Continue Reading →


Too Quick to Pull the Trigger (Food for Thought)

I woke up this morning and was glancing at the news headlines. As I was reading, I came across an article about David Bonderman, Uber Technologies Inc. director, resigning from the company’s board of directors.  According to the reports, during a staff meeting, Arianna Huffington, who also sits on the Uber board of directors, commented,... Continue Reading →

To Lipstick, or, Not

They are all tucked away in my makeup bag.  I had so much fun with them over the past several months.  In fact, the compliments I received made me more obsessed with finding different shades every time I entered a store.  My bright red lips had become a bold statement about my new found freedom.... Continue Reading →

He’s A Keeper

Unable to stay awake a second longer, I hobbled into my bedroom, crawled under the cover, and drifted into a world that did not include my demanding children. Prior to this weekend, I was able to closely monitor my boyfriend’s interactions with my children. No, not because my boyfriend is creepy and needs to be... Continue Reading →

Paying It Forward

I believe that we all desire to do good in the world, and, give back in some way.  I have exhausted myself, sometimes to the detriment of my household, over the past couple of years, investing all of my extra time into trying to make a difference in the world.  In an effort to strike... Continue Reading →

Strong Women Suffer

I am attracted to strong men.  Yes, I said it.  Strong men. I love them.  So, what is my definition of a strong man?  Well, here we go… A strong man is a man that has the right amount of “swag” (too much swag can be a turn off) when he is dealing with the... Continue Reading →

From Victim to Villain – Part 2

Reluctantly she comes to court and waits patiently for her turn to talk to the prosecutor.  This is her first contact with the prosecutor, and, many times this is a couple of weeks after her boyfriend beat her up. Usually, she has already reached out to her boyfriend’s attorney, explaining that she wants the charges... Continue Reading →

From Victim to Villain -Part 1

Married to a controlling, abusive, man, she spent many days trying to hide the abuse she suffered at his hands.  In an effort to drown her dismay, she drank. Excessive drinking had led to her current situation.  Here she was, in front of a Judge, begging for mercy and understanding. As she stood there hoping... Continue Reading →

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