Hit The Reset Button

Yesterday a lady stopped me in the parking lot to let me know she had read Pieces Of Me. She went on to say that it contained a powerful word and it was going to be helpful to many! My heart just beamed❤️❤️❤️. I was so incredibly thankful that she thought enough of me to stop and share that.
Just like everyone else, I sometimes lose sight of my vision and passion, I engage in self-doubt, and forget to honor and respect myself, as I do this thing called life. Having people to encourage and remind me during these times means a lot!
As I was driving home, I started thinking about all of the words of encouragement and conversation that I have received over the past couple of weeks.
I am a true believer that things happen for a reason even if it is not always immediately crystal clear!
So, a big thank you to the woman that took time out of her day to encourage me and all of the other people that have sent me a text or gave me a word of encouragement when they saw me. I hope that I can pay it forward through my passion for writing, my work as a lawyer, my duty as a mom, and just by being a kind human being!
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2 thoughts on “Hit The Reset Button

  1. Hi Councilor….. It is ALWAYS a BLESSING when someone acknowledges the GIFT of GIVING…. It’s GOD’s way of letting us know what most humans can be grateful for what WE do….. MWAH….. Still like to have a cup of coffee and SEE what my baby sista’s friend turned out to be……

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