I Miss You All

Hi guys! So many positive things have been going on in my life over the past several weeks. I am not sure where I want to begin. I guess tonight I will start by sharing Season 2 Episode 1 of Sistanomics (VLOG about the life and adventures of 3 African-American Women). Recording this VLOG with my friends, Joan and Assata, was super exciting.

Please tune in,  check us out, and share your thoughts.  I hope you enjoy!



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3 thoughts on “I Miss You All

  1. I’m so impressed with the wonderful relationship that you all have. You treat each other with total respect but at the same time You’re totally open with each other. That’s true love and friendship.

  2. Hey Tonza……..Funny video…. Looks like the beginning of a Reality show…..Bible is an acronym for: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth…. LOL I not a avid watcher of BET award shows, I do like Fridays movies and I don’t go to church every Sunday…..I find church folks RATHER TALK about being christian than showing by their ACTIONS…. My two cents….. As long as you help BLACK FOLK you have your Black Card…… You DON’T need to follow what or how black folk do things, to have a black card in my opinion…… If that is the case, I guess I’ll need that light skinned card…. LOLOL NOT!!!!! Nonetheless, Blessings to you all…… See you next time…..

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