Man POWER Monday- Caleb Ruffin has “humility swag”

It is “Man POWER Monday”!!! This week I am featuring none other than my wonderful nephew, Caleb Ruffin. I am such a proud auntie because at the young age of twenty, my nephew exhibits “humility swag”. Despite the fact that he is incredibly intelligent, and, strikingly handsome (all characteristics he inherited from his auntie 😆), Caleb is a respectful, well-mannered, humble young man.


Graduating from KIPP ENC in 2015, Caleb went on to continue his education at the prestigious Cornell University. Majoring in Industrial and Labor Relations, Caleb will earn his bachelor’s degree in the spring of 2019. Caleb is a proud and distinguished member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Following graduation, Caleb will be moving to the San Francisco Bay Area to begin his career with Accenture, a global management consulting and professional services firm. I am selfishly excited about this move because I definitely plan to check on my nephew as much as possible, making sure he is adjusting well to life in sunny California 😆.

As for his future, he doesn’t have a complete roadmap. He is sort of taking it day by day, but, definitely believes business school is in the cards.

Mature beyond his years, Caleb is respectful of the women in his life.  When I asked him about his decision to be monogamous at an early age, he said, “after weighing the pros and cons, the connection that one builds in a monogamous relationship is cool.”

He is like the son I never had. I have greatly enjoyed watching him grow from a young boy fighting with his cousin Ally all of the time, to the young man that is definitely appreciating and embracing life.

me, caleb and ally

As you can tell, I am one proud Auntie.

Much Love,


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5 thoughts on “Man POWER Monday- Caleb Ruffin has “humility swag”

  1. Congratulations Caleb continue to reach for the star’s I’m very proud of you as well although I don’t kno you personally I’m praying for you daily Thanks auntie for a great choice for our man power Monday.

    1. Congratulations to a fine youngman indeed. I’m so honored to have been bestowed the title of dad the early part of your life. You taught me a lot and I should’ve humbled myself and shared it with. You… Nevertheless Im so proud of you Caleb…

  2. Well, knowing your Mom as well as yourself, it’s obvious that goals, intelligence, and determination runs in the family.

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