Man POWER Monday – Trent Shelton has “inspirational swag”

It is “Man POWER Monday”!!! This week I am featuring none other than Trent Shelton. For a person that doesn’t watch football I sure seem to be coming across a lot of athletes that I believe exhibit Man Power 🙂. Anywhooo… Trent Shelton gets my vote this week  because I totally dig his  “inspirational swag”.

I came across Trent Shelton when I was healing and evolving as a result of my separation. His willingness to be open and honest about his imperfections and struggles is what attracted me to his motivational messages. His unwillingness to be defined by these imperfections is what kept me drawn.

Curious about Trent Shelton’s life I read as much as I could find and learned that his dream was to play professional football. And he did. After being a star athlete in high school and as a student at Baylor University, Shelton went on to play for the Indianapolis Colts, the Seattle Seahawks, and the Washington Redskins. Although he made it to the NFL, his football career was not flourishing as he thought it would. As a result he began playing with the AFL. Shortly after beginning his career with the AFL Shelton was injured.

During rehab you have setbacks and it doesn’t go exactly as you want or you might not heal as quickly as you want, but if you stay the course you grow stronger.

The same is true with life.

                                                       -Trent Shelton

His struggles surrounding his unstable football career led to depression which eventually led to him drinking, drugging, and partying.  The birth of his son and an opportunity to speak to an audience of 2,000 began Trent Shelton’s transition from football player to motivational speaker, a calling that he says is much greater than he ever dreamed for himself.

It was walking away from my everything, that thing that had my identity. That thing I thought my life would be lost without, just to show me that God had something better.

                                                 -Trent Shelton

Trent Shelton is the founder of the Christian non-profit corporation RehabTime. RehabTime’s mission is to lead people to change through faith and hope.  In addition to traveling all around the world to spread his message of faith and hope,  Trent Shelton has written four self-help books with his friend, Baylor Barbee, and published a motivational journal entitled It All Starts With You. Shelton is married to Maria Shelton and is the father of two.

If you want a better world, create a better you.

                                                     -Trent Shelton

If you can’t travel to see Trent Shelton, no worries. All you have to do is subscribe to his YouTube channel or follow him on Facebook to experience his awesome motivational words.

In the words of Trent Shelton“It All Starts with you. It’s Rehab Time. Let’s Get It.”

Check out his video entitled, “Why Not You”:

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