Man POWER Monday – Trombone Shorty has “musical” swag

It is “Man POWER Monday”!!! This week I am featuring none other than Trombone Shorty. Sadly I must admit that it took this trip to NOLA for me to learn about this musical genius. Sometimes I feel like I am living under a rock! 🙂 In case you don’t know, Trombone Shorty has “musical swag”.


Born Troy Andrews on January 2, 1986, Trombone Shorty got his nickname when he began playing the trombone at the age of four! A product of the Treme’ community in New Orleans, Trombone Shorty began leading bands in second lines at the age of eight. By his teenage years Trombone Shorty was traveling abroad to play in shows with the famous Neville Brothers. After graduating from the New Orleans Center for Creative ArtsTrombone Shorty joined Lenny Kravitz’ band.

In addition to sharing his musical talent, in 2015 Trombone Shorty released a self-entitled children’s book about his life.  Trombone Shorty went on to be named a Caldecott Honor Book.

Wanting to give other young people an opportunity to excel in the musical arena, Trombone Shorty founded the Trombone Shorty Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to inspire the next generation of talented, yet underserved musicians through music education, instruction, mentorship, and performance.


If you have lived under a rock like me and have been missing out on this musical genius you need to check out his latest album, Parking Lot Symphony. Trombone Shorty with his “musical swag”  is worth taking a listen to.

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