My Teacher

On December 21, 1990 I bought a future teacher into the world.  Of course. I had no clue at the time of what was in store for her.  And, through the years, as she was deciding which direction she should head in, I must honestly say the last thing I ever encouraged her to do […]

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Happy Belated Birthday To You

Our little one came home after a wonderful weekend with you, excited and overjoyed to see me.  She played, we talked, and I fell asleep as she hung out with Mommy Del, Larry, and Sierra.  Eventually she got tired and came and climbed in the bed with me.  And, while here lately I have been […]

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Slap Him Back

As I was riding home with my teenager yesterday, I began talking to her about relationships and I asked her, “What would you do if you had been dating someone for a year or more, and you were madly in love with him, and during an argument, he slapped you?” Her immediate response, “I would […]

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