Have You “Paid Your Dues”?(on getting the stamp of approval from the “powers that be”)

On my way home from a colleague/friend’s election night party I got into a lively discussion about “paying your dues”. This discussion began as a result of another young man deciding to run for office despite the fact that the “powers that be” urged him not to. His decision to run cost the Democrats a […]

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I Am Auggie

My youngest daughter and I have been reading the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio. Wonder is about a ten-year old boy whose nickname is Auggie. As a result of a facial deformity he was born with, Auggie struggles with going to school and making friends. This morning as we were reading, I was overcome with […]

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Alpha Omega – On Father’s Day

My parent’s divorced when I was 10. Following their divorce my brother and I lived with our mother. My mother never got over the pain inflicted upon her at my father’s hands and my father never figured out how to be a daddy to his children once he and my mom went their separate ways. […]

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