Men Just Aren’t Ready For Your Feelings


In a lot of cases men wouldn’t ever get married if we could get away with it.  If a woman would allow that. We’d keep it simple, and you’d be a companion vs a wife. Or, someone we occasionally spent time with.

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The Girl Code

While sitting around talking to family and friends the other day, the “Girl Code” came up. My younger cousin was talking about how she managed to move on after an ex-boyfriend really hurt her. Following their painful breakup they were able to talk and salvage their friendship. As friends, my cousin told her ex that […]

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Monogamy…is that even possible?

You say you got a girl And how you want me How you want me when you got a girl? The feelin’ is wreckless Of knowin’ you’re selfish Knowin’ I’m desperate Gettin’ all in your love Fallin’ all over love, like Do it to last, last Hanging out the back, all up in your lap […]

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Why We Settle

I have really missed blogging over the past couple of weeks, but it has been a wonderful time of deep reflection and transition for me. So, I am at the half way point to being eligible to file for my divorce.  In North Carolina, a person must be separated for one year before they can […]

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Forest For The Trees

BY TAKIYA LEWIS I have had my share of heartbreak.  Most of my heartbreak came from one man.  Just one.  And when I say that he broke my heart, that’s what I mean.  He is the only man that I can say that I have ever really loved.  The end of that relationship almost felt […]

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The Confrontation

He would never admit that he was wrong and if by chance he decided to admit that he was wrong he would blame me for his behavior.  That is how it had been throughout our relationship.  I wouldn’t have done that if you hadn’t … Now, don’t get me wrong,  I gave him some good […]

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