Men Just Aren’t Ready For Your Feelings


In a lot of cases men wouldn’t ever get married if we could get away with it.  If a woman would allow that. We’d keep it simple, and you’d be a companion vs a wife. Or, someone we occasionally spent time with.

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To Lipstick, or, Not

They are all tucked away in my makeup bag.  I had so much fun with them over the past several months.  In fact, the compliments I received made me more obsessed with finding different shades every time I entered a store.  My bright red lips had become a bold statement about my new found freedom. […]

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Don’t Test My Mouth

BY TAKIYA LEWIS Why do I have to control my mouth? Do you have to control yours? Why do I have to keep my legs closed? Do you have to keep your pants up? Why do I have to conform to your ideals of a woman? Do you have to conform to my ideals of […]

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