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I don’t believe there are enough positive images of Black men out there in the universe. So, I have decided to do my part and make Mondays “Man POWER Monday” on SouthernmomJD. Each Monday SouthernmomJD will highlight at least one Black man that absolutely rocks!

Without further ado, the first Black man to be featured on “Man POWER Monday” is none other than…President Barack Obama. I am sure all of my friends already knew he would be the first.

President Barack Obama just has “swag”. There is no other way to describe his energy. He is an ambitious go getter (Obviously…He was the first Black President of the United States of America). He is intelligent.  He does not fit into a mold. He is comfortable around all people. Despite his success, he knows how to have fun. He is able to laugh at himself. He is a family man that has an obvious bond with his wife and children. I could go on and on…I am “crushing” on #44.

But, the biggest reason I am “crushing” on President Obama is because he has a strong, independent, intelligent wife that he embraces and respects. One can look at a woman and tell whether or not her man is a positive force in her life. She does not shrink in the shadows or feel like she has to “dim her shine” for the sake of her relationship. SHE SPARKLES! Michelle Obama still exudes the confidence and poise that says that the man she accepted as her life partner never made her feel as though she had to “dim her shine”.

Michelle Obama was a force to be reckoned with when President Obama decided he wanted to make her his life partner. While President Obama was trying to gain his footing in the world, Michelle Obama was already an outspoken, opinionated, and intelligent woman enjoying a successful legal career. Rather than force her to “dim her shine”, President Obama embraced all that made his wife who she was, and, celebrated it. Throughout his presidency women of color applauded as he took every opportunity to thank his wife for being the strong, beautiful, intelligent rock that she was. Recognizing and embracing her strength, intelligence, and beauty led to President Obama and Michelle Obama becoming a historic power couple that inspired the world.

African-American women have been led to believe that is our duty to uplift our brothers and make them feel empowered and valued. You see it in images and messages everywhere. Take the latest controversy over Childish Gambino’s video “Feels Like Summer”. In it there is a brief scene where Michelle Obama hugs Kanye West. This scene sparked controversy in the Black community because many women spoke up and said they no longer wanted to be burdened with the responsibility of saving and uplifting Black men. Not because Black women don’t love Black men, but because such burdensome rhetoric has led to an imbalance when it comes to caring for the Black woman. Oftentimes, we as Black women find ourselves alone when it comes to dealing with our wants, needs, and desires. Our cries for love and support fall on deaf ears.

We want a balance. While many of us are willing to go the ends of the earth for the men that we love, we want to know that our men are willing, and able, to do the same in return. It seems that President Obama has that gift. That is why he has “Man POWER”.

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Who do you think I should feature on “Man POWER Monday”? Email me at tdruffin71@gmail.com or respond in the comments section with suggestions. 


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5 thoughts on “Welcome to “Man POWER Monday”

  1. I agree with you totally. He impressed me before and still does. Not only as a gentlemen but the way as you stated, he treats his wife and family. He always treated her as an equal and in my book that is what a true relationship should be all about. As a side note, I think she would make an outstanding candidate for president. Just had to through that out there.

  2. Awesome, beautifully written. Our relationships should be one of support; however, I often see competition among couples, who will outshine the other. I am glad that you reinforced the concept of being supportive of each other and soaring to the moon together. It doesn’t matter who gets there first, you are a couple and both have won. President Obama adores his wife and loves his family. An image that has made many men step up and remember how they should treat their wife and family. Keep writing and hopefully more eyes will be opened and more people impacted by your writings. Much love!

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